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Two young women with middle eastern/african/asian look and one Polish male for lead role in English-speaking short film

AZRA pressures her conservative friend NIL to follow her lead and remove her headscarf at the beach. When they are harassed, Azra must face the same intolerance she herself expressed.

Dates & Locations: From: 06-07-2019
To: 07-07-2019
Warsaw, Polska

Project category: Film / Etiuda szkolna

Added: 27-06-2019

Casting call has ended

Casting do filmu

Dates & Locations: From: 29-01-2019
To: 15-02-2019
Warszawa, Polska

Project category: Film / Film fabularny

Added: 29-01-2019

Casting call has ended



Dates & Locations: From: 16-07-2018
To: 29-07-2018
Warszawa, Polska

Project category: Dubbing / Gry komputerowe

Added: 16-07-2018

Casting call has ended

No casting calls matching your search criteria

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