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Shadow Theatre VERBA
Shadow play theater
14000 Chernihiv
Shraga 14 a Street

Views: 4519
About Us
The Shadow Theater VERBA ( - we speak the same language with the whole world!

The VERBA team, with the help from a unique form of storytelling and entertainment known as Shadow play, strives to overcome any barriers and boundaries (territorial, national, and linguistic) between the people around the world.

Shadow is the universal language of communication. It visualizes various subjects - taken from life, books or films - the actors transform the viewer into a new reality giving the spectators an opportunity to be surprised and charmed in order to emphasize the importance of a carefree childhood. By traveling around the world, the VERBA team, also acquaints their audience with Ukraine - the birthplace of many talented and outstanding people.

The story of VERBA began in 2010, and started with a group of shadow play enthusiasts. They were the first people in Ukraine to create their own shadow play show. Experimenting with light, shadow, and plasticity of the human body has proven to be very successful. Under the name of ‘Shadow Theater Fireflies’, the group had performed on a TV-show called "Ukraine got talent." The show was very warmly received by the Ukrainian spectators. During the next 5 years, the shadow group through their professional growth and team’s creativity, made itself known not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. They had performed on many TV-shows including: "Mam Talent" (Poland), "Das Supertalent" (Germany), "Minute of Glory" (Russia), "France Digital Talent" (France), as well as shows in other countries.

In 2015, the original team broke up and a new project called VERBA was created. They performed their new show on a TV program called “Romanii au Talent” (Romania). The team’s new show concept was received with great enthusiasm and support from the Romanian viewers, making the VERBA team finalists of the show. The audience was truly impressed by the unexpected visual art form with artists performing the world-famous love story from the movie "Titanic." Watch it here:
The video has over 6.5 million views now!

In just two years, the VERBA team has created three full-length shadow play shows - "Shadow Hollywood", "Kingdom of Shadows" and "Shadow Space".

To participate in the "Ukraine got talent", the VERBA team has created the first in Europe, children's shadow theater - VERBA kids. The show made for social media "Save the Earth” is about the importance of Preserving Nature and it has received many awards at various film festivals. Watch it here:

The VERBA team is in a constant creative mode, working hard to improve the quality of its shows. They have performed in many world locations: USA, India, Ireland, UAE, Monaco, Lebanon, Moldova, Saudi Arabia. Their goal is to use modern audio-visual technologies in order to inspire people around the world!

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